Who we are

This German-Turkish alliance has its advantages - Brigitte Özbali, a sociologist from Hamburg and her husband Ferruh, a tourism expert from Ankara, would like to introduce themselves to you. We have been working together since 1986 to provide our guests with a place to relax completely, far removed from everyday stresses.


From theory to practice
For us, a holiday also means making contact with different cultures and seeing the way other people live their lives.
It is important to us to try to reduce the negative effects of tourism on our natural and social environment as much as possible:

  • We do not offer excursions to locations which are at risk from an ecological point of view.

  • We avoid unnecessary garbage; we use as little plastic and disposable packaging as possible and consume as little water and energy as possible.

  • Our swimming pool is operated without the use of any chemicals - it contains only fresh spring water.

  • We buy a lot of our fresh and delicious vegetables and fruit from local villagers or we produce them in our own garden; the people in the village can earn a good living and we have always fresh produce – and we know where it comes from.

  • We provide our staff with a secure future by providing on-the-job training and social insurance schemes.

After running the "Palmiye Hotel" in Fethiye for nearly 10 years, during which time we organised trekking and excursion programs for our "Natur travel Agency", the opportunity arose for us to realise our true dream: the "Watermill" project.  We could never have achieved this without the help of all our friends, guests and families. We would like to thank you all again for your help!

The "Watermill" project

Since primeval times the village people have maintained a watermill in Faralya. That's why we kept the name. Our aim was to create a place of seclusion and homeliness, a place which exists with and not against nature; to live in harmony with the people of Faralya and to include their needs in the "Watermill" project as far as possible.


Natural stone and wood

We rebuilt the Watermill and the miller's house in the original style. Within two years, from 1997 to 1999, we were able to reconstruct the Watermill with the help of the Faralya villagers and some specialists from the mountains near Denizli who still have knowledge of the techniques involved in constructing buildings with natural stone


Hand-made and ecological
Everything you can see in the "Watermill" is hand-made, including the furniture and the fresh-water swimming pool. We didn't use any varnish, but only linseed oil or wax to treat the furniture and the wood. During the construction period there was no road leading to the building site so all the material and items of furniture had to be carried by donkeys or on the workers' shoulders.


A local cooperative - only village people work in the "Watermill"
All members of our team live in  Faralya village. None of them had previously had any other occupation than traditional farming. Now, they can continue in this tradition but at the same time they are learning new skills which will safeguard their livelihoods for the future and allow for better education for their children.
We also buy olive oil, honey, herbs, fresh vegetables and fruit from the village people.