Our programmes are designed for peoples who are primarily interested in nature and foreign life styles. As far as this is possible during a holiday we try to get you into contact with a different culture and its people.

  • Not only travelling through a country, but getting to know typical customs of the area, traditional villages and unspoiled landscapes
  • Travelling slowly and taking time to observe makes it easier to get in contact with people
  • Small groups, to get to know each other easier



Pinara - a place of mysteries
With its countless rock tombs, Pinara, called "the Round" by the locals, nestles in an unspoiled mountainous landscape. A mysterious place, because the ancient Lycian people carved a semicircle of tombs in the rock around their town from simple graves to magnificient kingly tombs, which could tell us much about the significance of Pinara.
After lunch in a small village, we drive for about an hour through the gently rolling landscape and finally reach the breathtaking expanse of the vast sand-dune beach at Patara.
You can enjoy the shade, the coolness and the distance in a small restaurant, walk on the beach, play, swim, or just let yourself go and relax.


The Canyon of Saklikent
Our journey inland will lead us through a fertile plain with little villages, the "vegetable garden" of Turkey, to the rising foothill of the mighty Tauros Mountains. A stream of ice-cold, fresh water pours out of a crack in the rocks which is open up to the mountain ridge (and in which you can also walk). Drinking tea we will sit inside the canyon above the roaring water and after that we will walk a little bit along the canyon with its surprising twists and turns and coloured rocks. We will continnue our travelling up to the hills of Tauros mountan to an amazing place with "100 springs". The place, where we will have lunch is names "Yakapark". Sitting there under shady trees, looking in astonishment at the little springs in a wide mountain garden. A tranquil day with coolness and leisure, perfect for hot weather.



Fine weavings by strong hands - The peasants' wives of Uzumlu
Cadianda - Lycia on the top of a mountain

Uzumlu, a quiet village in the mountains, is famous for its fine weavings and its sweets made of grapes. During a walk through the village we can get an impression of the traditional way of living of turkish mountain peasants and speak with the women who make the cloths themselves during the long winter evenings.
The second part of this trip is the Lycian town Cadianda on the top of the mountain. It has been "sleeping" for centuries - until it was found again only 6 years ago. We will discover the ruins of the ancient town, which are hidden in a mountain forest (with breaks we will walk about 2 hours).