Clean, fresh spring water straight from untouched nature

A source of drinking water in our own garden
Since hundreds of years untouched from exhaust and pollutants the water comes from the high uninhabited Toros mountains, collect on it`s subterranean way different minerals and appears finally on the earth surface in the garden of "The Watermill". Walk to the spring in our garden and fetch yourself as much as you want cool, fresh springwater!
You drink a delicious, wonderful soft water without any additionals; no ozon, no technical or chemical treatment, this present of the nature appears without pumps in natural way to the daylight.




The small mill brook

The small "mill-brook" from the near high mountains is winding through the land, pass the "Watermill" and with anchanel system the villagers use its water for their fields and everyday needs. Following century old traditions the villagers of Faralya distribute the water among themselves in a fixed system. Also we as "newcomers" are part of this distribution system and so we can use the springwater also for our swimmingpool without bad conscience, because we only "borrow" the water; after short time the poolwater returns to the public chanel system.