Beaches around the "Watermill"

Down the “Watermill” the sea really is like the brochures say: glorious, crystal-clear and clean and you feel, you just could dive in. But we are 400 meter above the sea and that means, you need to move a little to reach the beaches – on your feet or on wheels.

The famous lagoon at Ölüdeniz – visible on almost every Turkey poster – is close by. Restaurants, a large shopping mile, tours and trips, Ölüdeniz offers everything.

By bus only 20 minutes.

Our local beach at Kıdrak is beautifully situated by a small wood and never crowded; a 15-minute bus-ride away.

The beaches at Faralya (Kabak and Aktaş) can be reached on foot in 1-2 hours or by the local bus service (15 and 20 minutes respectively). These jewels are so out of the way, though, that you will still have to walk for 20-30 minutes to reach them. The really adventurous can try the descent to the beach at the bottom of Butterfly Canyon – but it’s easier by boat.

The beaches here are sandy, occasionally with small pebbles, which is why we recommend you to bring sandals.

Gorgeous, kilometre-long pure sand beaches (with no bothersome hotels) can be discovered on our excursions. Surfing, sailing, water-skiing, pedallers, diving and snorkelling can all be enjoyed close by – there are almost limitless opportunities.