Mountain scenery with a stunning sea view – in a perfect holiday region

Lycia - land of contrasts

The Tauros mountains with peaks rising to 3,200m form the northern frontier. Wide and fertile plateaux and valleys spread out before wooded hills, where cedar trees still grow. The coastal landscape is characterized by orange and lemon groves, wide cotton fields and olive trees growing on the slopes leading down to the sea.

... still secluded and unspoilt - the best trekking and walking area

Time and again you will be impressed by the contrasting impressions: the rapid change from a Mediterranean landscape to the towering peaks of the Tauros mountains. “The ‘Lycian Way’ is one of the 7 best walking ways in the world” (according to The Times) leads you through almost uninhabited plateaus, fertile valleys and canyons with an abundance of water, impenetrable forests and fascinating traces of long lost civilisations.

... exciting

The change from traditional to modern times in today’s Lycia: Village life following old traditions, city life which hardly differs from ours, an exotic Islamic culture which will etch itself upon your memory.


The nearest city (25 km) is Fethiye, a colourful port with 75.000 inhabitants. It lies in the south-western part of Anatolia where the Mediterranean and the Aegean meet. Since ancient times, this part of the southern coast of Turkey has been called Lycia. The region stretches from Fethiye in the west to Antalya in the east.

The airport is Dalaman (a good  hour’s drive from ‘The Watermill’).
‘The Watermill’ is situated in the centre of a nature reserve in Faralya above a canyon called ‘Butterfly Valley’.


Faralya and Butterfly Valley:

A deep canyon, a beautiful bay and an enchanting valley which is the breeding ground for many kinds of butterflies. Peace and herbal fragrance characterize this imposing and mountainous coastal landscape only 6 km from Oludeniz.


The best-known tourist resort in Turkey, 16 km away from Fethiye, and with one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. The sea-bed and the beach are of white sand and the seawater is a breathtaking turquoise. It is also an excellent place for paragliding.

Kayakoy :

This ghost town, formerly inhabited by a Greek population, was abandoned in 1922. The 3500-odd houses have been empty ever since. Bizarre and impressive, they provide a powerful reminder of recent Turkish-Greek history.


A spectacular canyon which winds through the steep Tauros mountains over 17km. Its blue-green water flows into the wide, fertile land of the Xantos valley.

Tlos, Cadianda, Letoon, Patara, Xantos, Pinara:

What remains of old Lycian towns. Each of them is a special historic treasure. Patara also has the longest and most beautiful sand-dune beach of Mediterranean Anatolia.

Sporting activities

Boundless trekking and walking, biking, canoeing, rafting. white-water kayaking, paragliding, yachting, diving and, of course, swimming.